Policies for Review

The Governing Board invites review and comments on the following policies.

GBEB-R2 - Conducted Energy Devices - Posted for comment on 11/14/2019
The Governing Board has approved the addition of conducted electrical devices (CED) as an intermediary measure necessary to provide TUSD School Safety Officers with an alternative to lethal force in situations in which TUSD School Safety personnel must intervene in ongoing acts of violence, vandalism, or disruption that present an immediate threat to health and safety of district employees and property. In its approval, the Governing Board provided clear direction that conducted electrical devices are not to be used on or with students, of any age, as the primary means to de-escalate a situation. The board also requested clearly communicated parameters for the usage and operation of body cameras.

The Governing Board does not approve Regulations, but expressed a desire to seek public comment on this particular item. The Governing Board requests your comments concerning the language in the draft proposed Regulation GBEB-R2 (below).

For public comment:

GDFB - Current Employees Charged with a Crime – Requirement to Report - Posted for comment on 08/30/2019

Policy Review Feedback Form


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  • What policy/regulation are you providing feedback on?

Policy Review Archive

Policies and Regulations Previously Reviewed

TUSD Purchasing Policies Overhaul – DJ (Ethics) and DJE (Procedures) - Posted for comment on 07/29/2019. These proposed revisions create separate Purchasing Ethics and Purchasing Procedures policies; they also add updated references to Arizona statute including updated Conflict of Interest penalties, and they remove language already duplicated in Purchasing Regulation.

Proposed changes to these policies address District record-keeping practices concerning former employees. For an overview, please see summary of proposed changes (in PDF).

Proposed new policy GBQ with attached Exhibit GBQ-E are intended to clarify circumstances that would result in a TUSD employee becoming ineligible for rehire while also providing transparency and a limited forum for appeal of ineligibility status. Proposed policy GDFB provides additional protections not currently provided by fingerprint clearance policy, in the event a current employee is charged with a crime listed in Exhibit GBQ-E.

GBQ (New) – Eligibility for Rehire - Posted for comment on 08/30/2019

  • GCAA – Application for Position (in PDF) - Posted for comment on 02/13/2019
    • Current Version (in PDF)
    • Proposed Revision (in PDF)
      • Governing Board First Review: 02/12/2019
      • Comments Close: 03/16/2019
      • Governing Board Final Action: 08/27/2019
  • IHAMC - Instruction and Training in Cardiopulmonary Resucitation (in PDF)
    • Governing Board First Reading: 03/26/2019
    • Posted for public comment: 03/29/2019
    • Comments Close: 05/01/2019
    • Governing Board Final Action: 06/18/19
  • IJJ - Text/Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption – Revisions – posted for public comment on 03/13/2019
  • IKFB - Graduation Exercises (in PDF) - Posted for comment on 01/14/2019
    • Governing Board First Review: 12/11/2018
    • Comments Close: 02/13/2019
    • Governing Board Final Action: 03/26/2019
  • JICA - Student Dress (in PDF) - Posted for comment on 01/14/2019
    • Governing Board First Review: 11/13/2018
    • Comments Close: 02/13/2019
    • Governing Board Final Action: 04/09/2019

Superintendent's Goals - 2019-2020
On September 24, 2019 the Governing Board discussed the Superintendent's Goals. The document below reflects the Board's initial discussion. This item will be discussed at the October 2, 2019 Governing Board meeting. We encourage comments from the public prior to the October 2nd meeting.

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