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Board Communications with the Public and Media

Section B: Board Governance and Operations

Policy Title: Board Communications with the Public and Media
Policy Code: BHD

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Official communication between the Board and the community is subject to the following:

  • Any community member who exhausts the opportunity of discussing a matter at the administrative level may communicate with the Board in writing. No anonymous communication will be considered by the Board as a whole.
  • A member of the community who wishes to address the Board in person may do so by following the procedures in Policy BDAA.
  • Official communications, policies, Board concerns, and Board action, as appropriate, will be imparted to the community by the Superintendent

The Board recognizes its responsibility to provide information to the community and actively seeks to establish a good working relationship with local news media.

To promote a positive relationship between the District and the media, the Board shall provide information to the media concerning the programs and activities of the District as well as matters pending before the Board.

Adopted: October 20, 2009
Revision: September 27, 2011
Eliminated: September 12, 2017 (consolidated with Policy BBAA – Board Member Authority and Responsibilities)


CROSS REF BDAA – Procedures for Governing Board Members

Replaces TUSD Policy # 1010