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Procedures for Board Members

Section B: Board Governance and Operations

Policy Title: Procedures for Board Members
Policy Code: BDAA

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Norms of Behavior for the Governing Board

Generally, the role of the Governing Board is to establish District policy. The daily management of the District is the responsibility of the District Administration. Expectations for members of the Governing Board, in policy-making activities, include the following:

  • Attend all regularly scheduled board meetings insofar as possible;
  • Arrive at meetings on time and be thoroughly prepared;
  • State one's position clearly, and fully explain the thinking process and the development of one's perspective;
  • Encourage discussion which fully explores issues;
  • Stay focused on the topic at hand, and engage in a respectful analysis of others' perspectives;
  • Any dissent on an issue will be constructive; any debate, though intense, will be civil and focused solely on issues;
  • Demonstrate mutual respect for the meeting rules;
  • Ensure that all Governing Board interactions with District employees, students and the public who appear before the Governing Board are respectful in tone of voice, language and demeanor.

Rules of Order

In matters of procedure not covered by law or Board policy, Robert's Rules of Order, may govern, except that all motions must be seconded, and all action items shall require a motion.

President will convene, adjourn, recess and reconvene meetings.

The President may make or second motions and may vote on all motions. When a member has once spoken on a question, he/she will not be recognized again for the same question until others who wish to speak have spoken. All requests for reconsideration of a previously approved motion must occur no later than the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Governing Board.

Rules of order may be subject to suspension only upon a majority vote of the members of the board present at a meeting. Votes on all motions and resolutions shall be by "Yes," "No," or abstentions. At the discretion of the President or on the request of a member, a roll call vote shall be made and the vote of members shall be recorded. All motions shall be carried by a majority of the members present (either in person or by telephone) and voting.

Governing Board meetings held in the evenings will adjourn no later than 10:00 p.m. Meetings may be extended beyond 10:00 p.m. only by majority vote of the Board. Items that are not addressed during a meeting due to adjournment at curfew will be postponed to a future meeting as determined by the Superintendent and/or the Agenda Committee.

Public Participation at Board Meetings:

With the exception of executive sessions, all meetings with the Governing Board are open to the public and public participation is welcomed. Members of the public may speak during the Call to the Audience portion of the agenda. The Board President shall be responsible for recognizing speakers and for maintaining proper order by setting such limitations as may be appropriate.

  • The Call to the Audience shall be for 45 minutes at Regular Board Meetings and 20 minutes at Special Board Meetings unless otherwise indicated on the agenda. Call to the Audience may be extended beyond the time listed on the agenda only by majority vote of the Board. Call to the Audience will be eliminated at meetings where the only action is to move into Executive Session.
  • Public Comments
    • All speakers must complete the Call to the Audience form. The required information comprises the speaker's name and topic.
    • State your name.
    • Be as brief as the subject permits.
    • When possible, avoid repeating what a previous speaker may have stated.
    • The time of public presentations shall be limited to three (3) minutes unless a shorter time is announced by the President at the beginning of the Call to the Audience.
  • Board Comments
    • Members of the Board shall not discuss or take legal action on matters raised during a Call to the Audience unless the matters are properly noticed pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.01 (G).
    • At the conclusion of the Call to the Audience, the Governing Board President will ask if individual members wish to respond to criticism made by those who have addressed the Board, wish to ask staff to review a matter, or wish to ask that a matter be put on a future agenda.
    • When a Governing Board member has spoken about a particular member of the public's criticism, or asked that a particular matter be reviewed by staff, or asked that a particular matter be put on a future agenda, he/she will not be recognized again until others who wish to speak have spoken.

Telephonic or Video Participation by Board Members

If one or more members of the Governing Board are unable to be present in person at a public meeting or executive session they may participate by telephone or videoconference. A quorum of the Board must be present (either in person or by telephone). When a telephone or videoconference is to be utilized, the Governing Board will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The meeting notice and agenda should state that one or more Governing Board members will participate by telephonic or video communications;
  • The Governing Board member presiding at the meeting will ensure that the member or members participating by telephonic or video communications are clearly identified by name and will announce that he/she recognizes the voice as that of the participating members; and
  • The minutes of the meeting should identify the members participating by telephonic or video communications and describe the procedures followed to provide the public access to all communications during the meeting.

Adopted: November 14, 2000
Revised: September 9, 2008 (numeric to letter format only)
Revised: March 22, 2011
Revised: May 22, 2012
Revised: July 24, 2012
Revised: September 13, 2016
Eliminated: September 12, 2017 (Incorporated to Policy BBAA – Board Member Authority and Responsibilities and Policy BEDB – Board Meeting Agenda Posting & Organization)

LEGAL REF.: A.R.S. §15-321